Interested in my teaching products? Visit Teachers Pay Teachers.

There are numerous sites housing lessons and instructional units. I will post a few here as time goes on, as well as post some of my own work.

To start, check out Curriki. Share a resource here that you found and hope to use this year.

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I have received multiple grants to assist in my students’ projects throughout the years. If you find yourself in need of some funds to make their investigations a reality, check out these grant opportunities:

Diack Ecology Education Fund:

“The Diack Ecology Education Program provides a system of grants, workshops and resources that are distributed to teachers and students in Oregon to encourage them to involve youth in field-based science inquiry and ecology studies. Field-based science inquiry provides the perfect opportunity to get students out of the classroom and into the natural world. “

Selco Credit Union:

“Students come together on projects that excite curiosity, deepen understanding, and encourage new ways of seeing. Lack of funding should never get in the way of this kind of learning.”

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