First Days of School

As I prepare for the first day of school, I thought it might be fun to talk about those first activities. This, dear reader, is a break from the OLE posts 🙂

Last year, I found a resource on Teachers Pay Teachers that I plan to use again. Amy Brown Science created a Biology scavenger hunt that took my students (Freshmen and Sophomores) outside. In the activity, students find a partner and find different things, such as “two organisms in the same phylum.” This introduces students to some of the vocabulary we will be working with this year, as well as gets them outside paying attention to their environment.

There are four sections to the Hunt and the students change partners in each section. Doing this the first week of school (I think I did it day 2 last year), provided students a chance to interact and get to know one another just a bit. It certainly helped the new students get to know a few kids in class.

This activity could be done with a textbook instead of outside. However, I love taking students outside! I do not allow students to use a book or phone outside if they do not know what a term means. They can ask other classmates or make their best guesses.

What activities do you include in your first week to engage and motivate students? Please share.

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