Connecting with History

One of the few published articles I have been a part of creating came to mind this morning. Several years ago, I worked with colleagues to design and implement an introduction to plate tectonics using historical context. What intrigued me about this unit was the connection of historical events to scientific discoveries. There are more scientific discoveries or understandings tied to historical phenomena than we realize, let alone have time to share with our students. However, when we share these connections with enthusiasm and awe (or at least that’s what I try to do), our students generally eat it up.

I’m keeping this post short as I continue to recover from a nasty bug. 😦 I would love to hear your thoughts and use of historical context to teach science concepts. So often, these concepts are still relevant today!

Here is the article:{“issue_id”:247493,”page”:26}

Or without pictures at:{“issue_id”:247493,”view”:”articleBrowser”,”article_id”:”1937825″}

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