Exciting News

After months (ok, maybe years) of thinking about it, I finally started selling on Teachers Pay Teachers! This is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I have only posted three items so far but just getting it started feels like a huge step.  I have much more to get out there . . . eventually.

I have so many ideas as well as built lessons that I want to post. However, I find myself stuck in the “it’s not quite done” stage. So, like too many of our students, I don’t put it out there for feedback. I plan to get it “done” but something keeps getting in the way. “What keeps getting in the way?” my son literally just asked me as he read this over my shoulder. Truth – me! I seem stuck and unable to finish the details of the work in order to put it on TPT. Ultimately, I think I am afraid.

So, lesson 1 – work through the fear. What’s the worst that can happen? I could get negative feedback 😦 Is this why some students do not turn in work? I need to address the fear and help my students with this, too.

Lesson 2 – the more you do something, the easier it becomes. I need to work on a few more items and hope the process of completing them becomes easier. It was true with item #3 I posted 🙂 I need to keep reminding myself, “It gets easier!”

Lesson 3 – feedback helps! Even when the feedback is not what you hope for, it provides an opportunity to learn and improve. Positive feedback helps motivate me to do more. In order to get the feedback, I need to put things out there! Can you tell I am trying to motivate myself here?

Have you published work? How did you find motivation to continue? What stumbling blocks did you overcome and how did you do it? I would love to hear about your experiences 🙂

Pictures below are simply to brighten my post. You can find my TPT store at: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Talking-And-Teaching-Science

I truly hope to add to it soon 🙂

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