Photographing Nature

This weekend I hiked beautiful Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. The waterfalls inspired and impressed! Nature also incited wonder and fascination. I love the outdoors!

Today, I traveled to the Oregon Zoo on another beautiful day. Again, nature brought me joy and peace. On both of these adventures, I took plenty of pictures. Looking through the pictures this evening brings the experience back to life (I knew it was only a few hours ago for some of them, but you get the idea). Photographs hold value in my life.

I share these not to make you jealous, but to lead into my classroom idea for the week 🙂 One day this week, my students will take a walk outside and photograph nature. I will offer some guidelines, such as not including people in the pictures. I am thinking of a few other ideas/guidelines:

  • You must be able to name the piece of nature you photograph (for advanced classes this would work well)
  • You must develop a scientific question to ask about your photographed subject (and then have a follow up class researching the questions)
  • You must photograph two items that have both similarities and differences
  • You must photograph something living and something non-living

We will share our photographs in small groups, as well as the bullet point above. I will let you know how this goes 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy my pictures from this weekend’s adventures!

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