Summer break began this week. What did I do? I spent my week learning!

On Monday and Tuesday I attended a virtual conference on designing and implementing behavior support programs. Wednesday morning I met with colleagues to debrief the conference. Yesterday, I attended another virtual conference, this one on a digital lab platform called Labster. In my excitement about this program, I called another colleague to talk shop!

My summer plans are not typical this year. Nothing has been typical this year, so I am not sure why I am surprised about my summer. But, I am surprised and I wonder if you feel the same. As I have shared before, I love to learn. Most summers I plan a professional development experience of some kind. I enjoy the longer programs where I am expected and encouraged to immerse myself in the content and experience. This summer, the PD options are all virtual and shorter. So far, I have enjoyed attending them. I have three more lined up before September 🙂

One of my other goals this summer is to write more. I would like to post here more regularly, as well as write more for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Do you have something you would like to see? Is there a topic you want to read about? Is there content in your class you are struggling to find a lesson for? I want to help! Drop me a comment 🙂

1 thought on “Summer

  1. I love your content! Keep up the learning, you’re amazing!


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