Climate Warrior

We started a little habit at home this summer. Every time someone turns off a light, someone says, “Climate warrior.” Sometimes it is the person flipping the switch and other times it is someone that noticed. This is such a small action but it brings awareness and a little pride in doing something positive for the environment. These small actions are important. If we are going to make significant improvements in our climate situations, though, we also need community actions. In a presentation I recently attended, I received multiple website addresses for climate change, climate action, and climate justice organizations and educational resources. The remainder of this post is a compilation of those websites. I hope you find something you can use to take action as we head back to the classroom. One brief from “Stem Teaching Tools” with ideas for using local phenomena to connect to climate action. This website contains climate justice lessons you can download for free. This particular lesson is from a book written with a local teacher and available for purchase: I have not yet reviewed this work, just heard from the author and high praise from several of my colleagues that have used this lesson in particular. Educational resources from Talk Climate. Part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this website offers multiple resources for climate change and climate action curriculum. Climate Generation website with curriculum, news articles, and event postings. This website offers ideas for families, as well as educators, to move students outside to engage in learning in their environment. A resource listing within the open educational resources platform. This listing is part of the ClimeTime group. Another listing of resources Posters and other resources for the classroom from Maryland and Delaware Climate Change Education, Assessment and Research (MADECLEAR) A compilation of digital tools to use in the classroom, including interactive maps and graphs, using historical and projected future data.

I invite you to check out a few of these websites, and I encourage you to get outside with your students! Make a plan to engage your students in their environment during the school year. The more they experience the great outdoors, and engage in paying attention to what is around them, the more likely they will be to make a change and make a difference.

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