Often Improving

This week, we began our Save the Whales! unit in Biology. This unit started out of a collaboration with my great friend and colleague, a marine researcher, and a marine biology teacher a few years ago. Each time I teach it, I make small adjustments, always hoping to improve the learning experience.

The first year, we ended the unit with a Town Hall meeting. It was great! A month later, we found out a real Town Hall meeting took place regarding the exact topic we had been studying! As awesome as that was, it made the mock Town Hall less “real” for the following year. I had to adjust. Last year, I taught the unit while we were hybrid. I decided an end of unit test was best. This year, it is time for another change.

My colleague approached me yesterday to discuss our plan for teaching this unit. She teaches math and we developed a cross-curricular component of this unit. We are planning a new end-of-unit assessment and I am so excited!

I enjoy being able to evaluate and improve what and how I teach. The process is even better when it is in collaboration with a colleague. I hope you take the time to review your teaching every once in a while and find joy in improving your craft 🙂

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