Planning Template

A few years ago, I decided to plan out unit test dates for my AP class for the entire year. I needed to get these dates set so I would be sure to get through all of the curriculum before the National test in May. Since Seniors are pulled out of class for so many things, I wanted to view a calendar with all of that information. I searched everywhere for such a calendar – I wanted the whole year on one page! I could not find it, so I made one by hand. Though long and tedious, it was a satisfying experience. I have since made a one-page year calendar for myself every year. It truly helps me see the big picture.

This morning, I decided to make this calendar digital and share it. If you would like to give it a try, please make a copy from this link and use it!

This one does not have all of our school specific events, but it does have a few. Be sure to check when your final exams and inservice days are and modify your copy 🙂

How I use this:

  • I fill in all the half days as those adjust my day count
  • I fill in all the events that will likely pull my kids out of class (retreats, service days, National tests, etc)
  • Using my curriculum pacing guides, I identify how many class periods I will need for each unit.
  • Starting about 3 days into the school year, I count off days for unit 1, add one day for review, then write the test on the calendar. If the test day falls on a Monday or half day, I adjust.
  • Once I have put all of my tests in the calendar, I take a second look. Did I leave enough time at the end for students to prep for the National exam? Do I have too much time for prep? Do I have to break a unit into two because of where it falls at Christmas break or first semester finals? Where can I add time and which unit would benefit OR what time of year will students need extra time? I think through these and adjust the calendar test dates accordingly.

Once I am happy with how the calendar looks, I add the test dates to the class syllabus. I tell the students the process I used to determine these dates and that they are set. This reduces the likelihood of having to make adjustments during the year and helps keep me focused. I hope you find it useful!

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